If you live in the Illawarra it’s likely you’re familiar with the gritty sensation of trekking sand over tiles as you come home from the beach.

Maybe summer isn’t your season. Perhaps it’s the squeak of rubber sole soccer boots tracking mud through the front entrance while you white knuckle a hot chocolate after a bitterly cold game.

Either way, your home is the base you all return to after nippers, rugby or gymnastics.

It is a well-known fact that luxury and little feet don’t mix well. That goes for pets too. There’s nothing like getting home after a walk on dog beach and having your canine companion leap, sand and all, onto the sofa.

If you’re moving closer to the beach or dirt is a part of your lifestyle (if you have kids then you’re in this category) you may want to look into durable flooring and fabric solutions which stand the test of time while looking good. At least for the high traffic areas of your home like the living room. If you are the mythical person who can keep the white couch pristine, you are a god among men.

There are also a myriad of air purifying Indoor plants to help combat the scent of sweaty socks.

Live your best lifestyle in your new home.