Market Update.

It’s incredible to think that it only took 7 years for the median Illawarra real estate price to double. If you bought a piece of real estate in the Illawarra in 2015, today that property would be worth twice as much.

While house prices having still been rising, it’s been by a smaller amount each month. Still, the Illawarra hasn’t been subjected to declining prices like other parts of the country. 

With increasing interest rates Tim Bartlett encourages people not to be spooked by headlines but to understand the relative pricing in the market.

As someone who has been in the industry for over 30 years, Tim has seen it all and is accustomed to looking at the bigger picture.

“Sellers need to readjust their expectations and realise that they are in a market that both rises and falls,” Tim says. “Selling in a buyer’s market really brings out the nuances in the market and vendors shouldn’t be deterred from listing.”


Selling in Spring.

Spring is 3 weeks away.

We’re already starting to get a taste of warm weather after a cold and wet winter.

We’re about to head into the busiest time of the year for the property market. If you want to sell in spring, you have no time to waste.

Give Tim a call today to start your pre-sale plan and strategy. If you have a list of jobs to complete on the house it is worth running that list by Tim. He can guide you on what is worth your time and effort and what isn’t.  You’d be surprised what adds value to a property and what doesn’t. A simple coat of paint goes a long way. Continue reading to hear why this spring is going to be different.



Spring with a Difference.

This September the UCI Road World Championships roll into town with of eight days of elite cycling.

This incredible event has seen the entirety of Wollongong’s accommodation book out. Visitors who missed out are still scrambling to arrange somewhere to stay, with many Wollongong locals opting to Airbnb their homes for a bit of extra cash.

The upshot of this is that Wollongong’s population is going to swell during this event, with tourists from out of town. Wollongong will be on display.





Spring with a Difference continued…

With it’s beaches, university, active lifestyle, cafes, night scene and proximity to Sydney, it’s a place that will have several tourists scratching their heads and wondering if they should make a move.

The after effects of this event on the Wollongong Real Estate Market are likely to be long lasting. So if you are thinking of selling, this will be a spring and summer market that won’t roll around again.

Don’t miss out. Talk to Tim today.




Read more about the event here.


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