When you decide to sell your house in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s essential to have experience on your side. As the Green’s found out. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Fiona Green decided to sell her home at a really tricky – even historical – time. It was late March and news was moving fast about the threat of a new virus that had made its way to Australia. International borders had been closed and there was talk of lockdowns, layoffs and long Centrelink queues.

Australians and their politicians were getting nervous. And so were the Greens.

“We were ready to sell right when COVID hit and so we made a really quick decision to get it on the market probably a month or so sooner than what we would have,” Fiona says.

Naysayers filled newspaper column inches and television airtime with predictions about a massive market correction and Fiona decided to move fast.

“We thought we would jump in really quick before the market dropped. At that time, they were predicting a 10% drop and so we thought ‘let’s rush it through.’ As it turned out, what we got for the house was what we were estimated to get at the same time in the previous year, so we couldn’t have been happier with it,” she said.

While the naysayers were proven wrong, it was not all plain sailing. The Covid-19 crisis had complicated the buying and selling process but Fiona says that her agent Tim Bartlett, “was like a dog with a bone” every step of the way as he navigated the new normal.

“I think we were the first house he had under the whole COVID thing and he just managed that so well,” Fiona says, “I think potentially it could have been very stressful. But Tim just took it all in his stride. I couldn’t fault him at all, he was great.”

It was a period of restricted inspections and open houses, but Fiona says that Tim never lost the fundamentals of what it meant to be a great agent for both buyers and sellers.

“Tim is so honest and fair and what I liked was I knew he was only going to do good by us but he was also really honest and fair with the purchasers too, which is important to us as well,” Fiona says.

Fingers crossed, Fiona says, that she does not have to sell for many years. But she says that for any future sale, going with Bartlett and Co. Property will be a “no-brainer.”

Let’s hope that by then Covid-19 will be a long memory.