So you’ve made the decision to downsize. Many boomers have. The empty nest feels too…well, empty. The time has come to move closer to family, or medical facilities. A fresh start beckons after a divorce or the loss of your partner.

Downsizing can help to reduce your property maintenance costs and increase your energy efficiency to give you the time and financial freedom to pursue those cherished golfing weekends. Or whatever takes your fancy.

It can be a difficult process. The promise of a new beginning is invigorating but the pull of the home where you raised your children, weathered hardships and celebrated milestones can be powerful. Decluttering can be a liberating process, but you don’t want to lose what makes home, home. There are a few refreshing ways to embrace your new home with a nod to your history.

As you put down roots in your new home, take a cutting from your favourite plant with you and watch it do the same. Whether it be your Mother’s roses, daffodils, or the aloe vera plant that got you through sunburnt summers.

One Wollongong woman has planted a letter box, pride of place in the backyard.

“The letterbox stood outside my Grandmother’s house for 70 years, we just couldn’t leave it behind,” she says.

Downsizing is simply moving to a smaller home to live a larger life.